started as an unpublished poetry book with no title and a rejection letter from a publishing house. Today “Perfect Doesn’t Exist” is the title of a published book and the name of a streetwear brand based in Southern California. 

“I spent months pouring over my poems, trying to fix them, edit them, and make sure there was no flaw found within them. It got to the point where it had been months of me putting off what needed to be done and I had to reconcile with the fact that if I waited for it to be perfect, it would never be ready.⁣⁣
I know so many people in life hold back because they’re afraid of putting themselves out there. So many creatives don’t share their projects with the world in fear of their talent being judged based off of one thing. But life is messy, art is messy, what we create is messy - that doesn’t mean it isn’t impactful. ⁣⁣
Perfect doesn’t exist. ⁣⁣
That takes the weight off. So just write the book. Produce the song. Share your art. It might not make sense to everyone, but I promise that it will mean everything to someone. In the moments I’ve been vulnerable enough to share my poems with others I’ve been honored enough to touch souls. I’ve been honored enough to see tears fall and emotion evoked within people. I’ve been honored enough to inspire.

I’m aware that not everyone likes poetry, but most people love a good hoodie. So I created streetwear to go hand in hand with this project, so that anyone who resonates with the message can walk around with it on their clothes. Maybe you’ll be ordering your favorite coffee and the person behind you will read the message on the back of your shirt and be encouraged by it. And then maybe they’ll go home and start to create.

Xoxo, Jack”



Southern California

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